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The volume of packets on the network is beyond what a human can process

Today’s networks are faster than ever, carry more traffic and more types of data than ever before. At the same time, they have become more difficult to monitor and analyze. Low-level, detailed data about network behavior and performance can get lost in the shuffle as IT organizations try to cut through the data clutter with high-level views of the network.

When end-users complain about slow applications, you need a deeper understanding of applications and how they interact with the network to get insight into what end-users are actually experiencing. You have to go beyond simply proving that the network is not at fault and start looking at the problem from an application perspective.

Faster network troubleshooting with packet capture and analysis

Having the right troubleshooting tools can cut the time needed to capture, decode, and get to the root cause of network trouble from hours down to minutes. Enterprise network troubleshooting and monitoring continuously captures terabytes of packet data.

Continuous flow monitoring and collection of network flow data, combined with packet-based performance metrics data, is the most powerful way to quickly troubleshoot and recover from an acute application failure that disrupts your business or impacts user productivity.

Analyzing all that data right where it is stored locally can help you drill down quickly to isolate a problem and avoid wasting time, without slowing down other important transactions and applications by transferring these large files across the network. You can also choose to send the selected traffic to Wireshark® directly for deeper individual packet inspection and decoding, with nanosecond granularity.

Streamline workflows using network transaction analysis

Finding the source of delay for individual user transactions in today’s complex multi-tiered infrastructure can involve many different resources spread across the network and the exchange of thousands of messages. Without the right tools, you can waste significant time analyzing trace data and performance metrics, and still not reach a conclusion on what caused the trouble. Using tools that can isolate specific transactions of interest for further drilldown and root cause analysis leads to a smoother troubleshooting workflow with faster, more accurate analysis and remediation guidance.

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