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Automated application transaction monitoring and analysis

In today’s complex application architectures, application transactions can involve many tiers and the exchange of thousands of messages between them. Finding the sources of delay can be exasperating. Alluvio Transaction Analyzer provides detailed monitoring and analysis of an application transaction through powerful visualizations and advanced analytical techniques that help conclusively determine the root cause of performance problems. With the Transaction Analyzer tool you can:

  • Study the impact of multi-tier transactions on performance
  • Automatically diagnose network (latency, bandwidth, protocol, congestion) and application tier processing bottlenecks
  • Conduct “what if” analyses to validate proposed solutions prior to deployment and predict the impact of network changes on response times
  • Quantify the effects of WAN optimization on your application performance

Benefits of Application Transaction Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Fast diagnosis of multi-tier application transactions

Use Transaction Analyzer to simplify troubleshooting. It understands application messages and the dependencies affecting performance and provides automated diagnostic reports that pinpoint performance bottlenecks. It also summarize sources of delay, including latency, bandwidth, protocol, congestion, and tier processing bottlenecks and makes actionable recommendations for improving performance.

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“What-if” analysis

Conduct predictive analysis to anticipate the impact of network changes on user experience or to validate proposed solutions prior to deployment. You can even simulate the effect that WAN optimization has on the network.


Lightweight, distributed packet collection

Lightweight agents can collect packet traces in a ubiquitous and highly distributed manner. Install agents on servers, desktops, VMs, and the cloud. Easily import the packets into Transaction Analyzer to create a transaction model for deep-dive analysis, prediction, and troubleshooting.


Easy management of agents

Packet Trace Warehouse provides centralized management of the agents and secure web-based packet captures. Sophisticated security and administrative controls enable IT staff also to manage role-based authentication; maintain audit log of agent activity; and auto discover all installed agents.


Videos of Transaction Analyzer

Riverbed Transaction Analyzer
Transaction Analyzer - TreeView / Tier Pair Circle
Transaction Analyzer - AppDoctor
Transaction Analyzer - Quick Predict / Reports

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