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  • Business and user demand for cloud
  • Application access/slow application delivery
  • Provisioning frequency and delays at remote sites
  • VPN set-up and policy complexity


Connect your Virtual Private Connections (VPCs) together with full mesh VPN and transparently link your branch offices to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) applications to enable your hybrid cloud strategy. For example, a retail store is spread out geographically with 40 retail sites and branch offices. The company no longer wants to be in the data center business of hosting and providing the stores with the unique retail app. Instead, they decide to host that app in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deploy SteelConnect in 40 branches, so that 40 branches can seamlessly access that app from AWS.

SteelConnect makes it easy for IT with:

  • VPN Automation: Automatically connects selected VPCs together with full-mesh VPN
  • Visibility and Reporting: See all your VPCs, subnets and instances in a management console with a single, unified view
  • Remote Access: Provide secure access to Cloud resources when employees also leave the office. 

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Software-defined WAN solution to automate Cloud Connectivity for the Hybrid Cloud and Amazon Web Services

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