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  • Visibility blind spots decrease the effectiveness of SD-WAN deployments
  • Difficult to monitor or troubleshoot sites, overlay and underlay networks
  • Can’t validate that policies are working as expected

SteelConnect Solution
SteelCentral Insights for SteelConnect is integrated into SteelConnect to provide visibility into large-scale SteelConnect SD-WAN environments. It monitors and troubleshoots performance issues using detailed reports about the usage and availability of the overall organization, sites, applications and users. SteelCentral Insights for SteelConnect uses SteelFlow and REST data that it securely obtains from SteelConnect Manager to help network managers make informed policy and deployment decisions, quickly monitor and troubleshoot performance issues, and plan for changes.

With SteelConnect, you can:

  • Validate policies are working as expected
  • Troubleshoot unexpected changes in performance with a detailed breakdown of site, overlay, underlay, application and user activity
  • Monitor QoS priorities to ensure your business-critical applications are getting the attention they deserve
  • Understand trends so you can plan for changes

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SteelConnect - Adding Visibility with Insights

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