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  • Enabling easy but secure customer and visitor WiFI access
  • Multiple device access
  • Complex sign-ons and passwords


With simple self-registration of multiple devices in the SteelConnect user portal, every user is securely separated from the rest of your network and managed according to your business policy. Complement self-registration with SteelConnect reporting. Then you always know exactly who is on your network so you can prioritize usage and applications.

With SteelConnect, self registration is:

  • Simple: Users self-authenticate laptops, tablets, and phones all at once using email or SMS (texting)
  • Compliant: Consistently enforce data protection and security policies company-wide
  • Social: Leverage the opportunity to communicate with your customer through email, Facebook or SMS
  • Secure: Define SSIDs with password as well as enterprise authentication. Dedicated SSIDs for visitors can be created. 

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Software-defined WAN solution for self-registered access, empowering employees and visitors

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