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Faster performance on Microsoft Azure for users anywhere

To recover faster and emerge stronger from the pandemic, organizations are reimagining their digital technologies and investing more than ever in cloud applications and virtual desktops running on Microsoft Azure. Yet bandwidth congestion, latency, and the unpredictability of network conditions can impact how applications render data across the network, frustrating users and impacting workforce productivity.

Riverbed helps control network variables to accelerate cloud migrations, file transfers, and backups on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Government. In addition, Riverbed improves the performance of Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) and provides visibility into all cloud applications to rapidly detect, analyze, and respond to performance and security issues before users even notice.

Microsoft + Riverbed Partnership

Optimize your network performance with Riverbed solutions for Azure

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How Poor Application Performance Impacts the Enterprise in the Age of the Cloud
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IDC Spotlight: Ensuring the Performance of Increasingly Critical SaaS Applications and IaaS Workloads
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Solution Brief
Network Visibility for Azure and Azure Government
Solution Brief

Benefits of Azure and Riverbed

Ensure cloud apps perform as well or better than on premises

Ensure your cloud applications perform consistently fast for all your users whether at home, in the office, or on the go. Riverbed streamlines data transmission to improve quality of service and mitigate delays due to physical distance or network congestion. You can deploy Riverbed in Microsoft Azure and on client devices to accelerate all types of workloads, especially data-heavy applications and large file downloads.


Accelerate and secure Windows Virtual Desktops

Ensure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) performance meets user expectations by streamlining data transmission and prioritizing business-critical network traffic. Secure WVD traffic with SD-WAN firewalls for Windows Virtual Desktops and transform network data into cybersecurity intelligence for broad threat detection, investigation, and mitigation.


Migrate data from on premises to Microsoft Azure 99% faster

Accelerate data migration and data transfer to Azure IaaS so that you can be fully up and running on Azure faster. Using Riverbed solutions, you can gain insight into application traffic patterns, map application and infrastructure dependencies, and migrate on-prem data to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Azure Government up to 99% faster.

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70% faster replication of on-site data to keep critical applications running

Enterprises rely on Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes to keep critical applications running during planned and unplanned outages. With Riverbed, ASR users can eliminate 70% of the initial replication of VMware traffic on average and cut the time for replication in half.


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