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Intersil, the semiconductor design and manufacturing company, runs a distributed workforce with more than 1,400 employees in 27 locations around the world. After deploying WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed, Intersil reduced WAN traffic between offices by up to 75 percent, improved worker productivity, and reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs ? far surpassing initial ROI and performance expectations.



  • Enhance file sharing and remote access
  • Avoid costs of replacing local hardware
  • Reduce disaster recovery bandwidth costs


  • Riverbed SteelHead appliances
  • Riverbed SteelCentral™ Controller


  • First-time file access improved by five times
  • Key business applications improved up to four times
  • WAN backup traffic was reduced by 75 percent

Intersil Corporation manufactures high-performance analog semiconductors for flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable), and power management. Its worldwide workforce depends on the ability to run powerful applications from remote locations, seamless file sharing, and secure data storage. It also depends on the IT group to do this through a distributed IT infrastructure.

Before Intersil engaged Riverbed, delivering spreadsheets to the company's design centers in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and India typically took five to 10 minutes. With Riverbed, the same files opened in only 30 seconds the first time they were accessed, and in as little as five to 10 seconds thereafter. According to Ed Kendrick, Intersil's Director of Systems Operations, first-time file access improved five times, and up to 20 to 75 times thereafter.

WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed accelerated applications, reduced overall bandwidth utilization, and transformed Intersil's disaster recovery efforts. Riverbed enabled Intersil to cut backup windows even as the data from disaster recovery replication files increased due to business expansion.

Intersil appreciated the simplicity and ease of use built into the Steelhead® appliances from Riverbed. The company's IT group said the time it took to unpack, rack, configure, and optimize took about 30 minutes.


WAN backup traffic reduced by 75%

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