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Optimize Microsoft 365 and enhance productivity with Riverbed

Give your remote workforce a competitive edge by making applications faster, more agile, and more reliable.

 Collaboration applications such as Microsoft 365 have quickly become the backbone of productivity. And now that the great majority of businesses operate through cloud-driven, remote workforces, the performance of these workflow applications is crucial.

While M365 has provided a much-needed lifeline for workplace collaboration and productivity during the initial chaos of the pandemic, few organizations have established their best available experience of these tools—resulting in a loss of productivity, and ultimately, business revenue.

Discover how your business can overcome issues such as latency, congestion, and the unpredictability of dynamic workforces to realize the collaborative potential of your M365 applications. Explore this and more in the e-book Accelerate Your Workplace Productivity Applications: Optimize Microsoft 365 and Enhance Productivity with Riverbed and maximize the value of your current Microsoft investment.

Learn how Riverbed’s solutions can drastically and easily improve the performance of your collaborative SaaS tools by delivering up to:

  • 10x acceleration for Microsoft 365

  • 99% reduction in video data for Microsoft Teams and Stream

  • 65% bandwidth reduction for Azure

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