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See, secure and optimize your network end-to-end

Cloud adoption is inevitable and federal agencies need to have a plan. To stay compliant and continue to “do more with less,” you’ll have to move critical apps to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively — with minimal risk and disruption. All while maintaining visibility and control.

To prepare for a smooth transition, it’s vital to find and fix performance gaps ahead of migration. Without full visibility into your network architecture and knowledge of application baselines, it’s impossible to know all your pain points and successfully address them.

Riverbed detects and resolves unforeseen issues before you migrate so your transition is seamless and the user experience is better than ever, whether in AWS, Microsoft or a proprietary cloud. We’ll partner with your agency to measure and document performance before, during and after adoption to ensure every component performs as planned — and you see the benefits cloud promises.

Riverbed delivers:

  • Visibility – Gain a holistic view of network components, topography and potential pain points, and enforce SLAs across SaaS, cloud-based and on-premise apps and infrastructures.
  • Improved performance – Proactively assess and troubleshoot to optimize delivery of on-premise, cloud and SaaS apps; enforce performance SLAs and security for each app, regardless of source or destination.
  • Optimal end-user experience – Establish a performance baseline before adoption, test and predict migration’s impact on user experience, and verify user experience meets expectations post adoption.


Like many federal agencies, the Department of Transportation (DoT) aimed to migrate its Microsoft Exchange email application to the cloud, in this case Microsoft O365. With more than 50,000 employees using the email system on a daily basis, the scale and scope of the migration was enormous. Failure would have meant lost productivity, increased costs and potential negative press.


To ensure the process went smoothly, the DoT turned to Riverbed’s SteelCentral solutions in order to see the agency’s entire network architecture and understand the possible network and application roadblocks to a seamless migration.


For the first time, agency leaders gained a clear understanding of bandwidth requirements, data flows, and previously unknown instances of shadow IT enterprise-wide. Then-CIO Richard McKinney termed Riverbed a “god-send.” It enabled the agency’s successful migration to the cloud and delivered added benefits to upgrading the agency’s cyber-hygiene posture.

Through Riverbed’s specialized tools and services, the DoT was able to effectively measure its network’s performance both before the cloud adoption and along the way, and take steps to mitigate the effects of network endpoints that were previously unknown or unaccounted for.

cloud adoption government use case

I could see my end-to-end network architecture for the first time….and we discovered many unknown devices…This kind of network visibility should be mandatory for all federal agencies.
Richard McKinney
Former CIO
U.S. Department of Transportation

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