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Maximize Performance and Visibility

Networks and applications are mission-critical to business success. Riverbed solutions help you maximize performance and visibility across networks and applications so you can deliver the best possible outcomes for your organization and end users.

Application Acceleration

Ensure the fastest, most reliable delivery of SaaS, cloud and on-premises apps to users, regardless of location or network type

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Network Performance Management

Ensure service quality, network security and fully optimize hybrid IT resources with a unified NPM solution

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Software-Defined WAN

Modernize your network with a software-defined architecture that delivers cloud-ready agility and cost savings


WAN Optimization

Increase network efficiency and performance while reducing bandwidth utilization across hybrid and software-defined networks

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Solutions By Use Case

Amazon Web Services

Riverbed accelerates Amazon Web Services with faster migration and application delivery of workloads and AWS visibility into performance.
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Cloud Migration

Riverbed maximizes flexibility and savings of cloud and SaaS by accelerating migrations. Find and fix issues of your cloud applications before, during and after migration.
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Cloud Performance and Visibility

Boost App Visibility and Performance as You Accelerate Cloud Adoption
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Cybersecurity Solutions

Strengthen your network and application security postures while achieving unparalleled visibility and performance with Riverbed’s cybersecurity solutions.
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IoT – Internet of Things

Simplify the way you deploy, connect, and manage IoT infrastructure
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Microsoft Azure

Enable digital transformation with Riverbed solutions for Microsoft Azure. Improve last-mile network performance and visibility.
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Microsoft 365 Acceleration

Overcome latency, congestion, and last-mile delays impacting Office 365
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Network Performance Monitoring

Better Network Visibility and Faster Network Troubleshooting in Hybrid Cloud Environments
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SD-WAN : Software-Defined WAN

Riverbed offers a powerful enterprise SD-WAN solution that integrates best-in-class routing, application acceleration, network visibility, and security services – a flexible and complete WAN Edge platform.
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Work Anywhere Network Performance Solutions

Work-from-Anywhere Solutions Empower Your Remote Workforce with Fast and Reliable Access to Applications Anywhere, Anytime
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Solutions By Industry

Federal Network Visibility

Riverbed provides agencies a holistic view across all networks, applications and end-user experience to enable centrally managed hybrid environments, proactively address performance issues and enhance cybersecurity posture.
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Financial Services & Banking Industry

Riverbed solves network and application performance and visibility challenges for today’s financial services organizations.
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Riverbed delivers comprehensive solutions to help accelerate tech modernization, improve visibility into IT ecosystems, while ensuring IT leaders and practitioners can prioritize end users every step of the way.
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Government Teleworkers

Give remote personnel exceptional in-office levels of application and network performance to drive mission success
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Oil and Gas Digital Transformation

Riverbed solves network and application performance and visibility challenges brought on by the Oil and Gas industry's digital transformation.
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Riverbed helps retail companies maximize profitability and enable better business and technology performance worldwide.
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