The #1 optimization solution that accelerates the transfer of data and applications over your Hybrid WAN

For organizations that want to deliver the best end user experience, SteelHead CX optimizes the performance of all applications including on-premises, cloud and SaaS, across Hybrid WANs (MPLS, private VPN and public Internet). SteelHead CX is designed for scalable performance, visibility, optimization and consolidation to support the increased number of users, devices and data centers.

Riverbed has essentially enabled us to do more with our existing IT infrastructure. This has resulted in a significant improvement in employee productivity. The time taken to back up data has been reduced by 70% and data is now more secured. Most importantly for us, Riverbed has given us the flexibility to pursue further expansion without the need to increase bandwidth. - Mohammed Abu-Nejim, Head of Data Networks, Qatargas
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Why hybrid WAN optimization and consolidation with SteelHead CX?

SteelHead CX brings sophisticated optimization to hybrid WANs. SteelHead CX delivers built-in security and accelerated performance across the entire network – as if the applications were performing locally. While many business-critical applications are moving to public clouds for SaaS, others, for compliance reasons, remain on premises in corporate data centers or on private clouds. SteelHead CX for Hybrid WANs is available in a variety of form factors/models, including appliances, virtual software and cloud instances.

With SteelHead CX you get:

  • Support for up to 1 million connections through an intelligent and scale-as-you-grow performance architecture
  • IT control with quality of service (QoS), path selection and secure transport features
  • Increased visibility with end-user monitoring for all optimized traffic on premises and optimized web and SaaS applications
  • Dynamic selection of the best application path based on network availability
  • Reduced latency with integrated video-ready web caching
  • Subscription-based cloud solution that accelerates 90% of major cloud providers and is certified for Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air
How It Works
This has been one of our best investments ever. Application performance has been dramatically improved, and moreover, the backup and recovery processes are now managed from a central location, thus increasing the manageability. - Theo Thijs, Director of Information Services EU at NAVTEQ
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Best-in-class optimization, plus essential visibility and control

SteelHead CX is a highly advanced solution that ensures consistent application performance. It is designed for today’s need for agility and cost efficiency. SteelHead accelerates performance for on-premises and SaaS applications, while providing unmatched control capabilities.


  • Identifies and differentiates among 1300+ applications, both on-premises and SaaS
  • Automatically creates Application Groups and easily applies intent-based, global business policies with local enforcement to meet your business requirements and application SLAs

Simplified control

  • Integrates business intent and application intelligence via dynamic Path Selection and advanced QoS capabilities for better performance; meets application SLAs
  • Provides a single management console, enabling sophisticated configuration and management with an intuitive GUI

Built-in security

  • Secures traffic flowing between SteelHeads for private (MPLS) and Internet links with ease − just a single click on the management console
  • Optimizes demanding protocols such as SSL/TLS using high-performance hardware running on Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

Video-Ready Web caching

  • Offers a single-ended web proxy and caching capability for reduced latency and bandwidth savings for video traffic
It doesn’t matter if employees are working at head office or at a remote location; they have the same advantages when it comes to application speed and performance. - Roel Fonteyn, network, security and telecom administrator EMEA at A. Schulman Plastic
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Accelerate applications and reduce bandwidth consumption

The SteelHead CX provides measurable benefits that reduce the burden of application performance management, allowing IT teams to focus on growth.

Improved application performance

  • Increases application and data transfer performance by up to 100x while reducing bandwidth utilization by up to 95%

Reduced OpEx for performance management

  • Reduces time spent in provisioning, reconfiguration and management of application performance via intuitive GUI

Integrated security

  • Ensures standards-based encryption and compliance in addition to optimized performance

Effective utilization of network resources

  • Delivers traffic prioritization and shaping to allow optimal utilization of MPLS and Internet circuits while meeting business requirements  

Reduced MTTR with integrated visibility

  • Enables cost savings by reducing MTTR by over 2x in 79% of deployments (Source: TechValidate. TVID: FFB-228-288)

Improved hardware performance

  • Enables savings in power consumption, leveraging SSD-based hardware, and supports organizational growth with more users per unit of rackspace

Determine Your ROI

You understand the benefits of SteelHead WAN Optimization.  Now you can use the resources here to estimate the return on investment with WAN optimization for your organization:

Infographic: Optimize your networks with WAN Optimization

Optimize your networks, maximize your profits with WAN Optimization CX

IDC White Paper: Improving the Business Value of WAN Optimization

Gartner Study: How WAN Optimization Helps Enterprises Reduce Costs

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Need help choosing the SteelHead product that’s right for your organization?

Learn more about the technical characteristics and requirements of each model in the SteelHead Specs sheets.

Download: SteelHead Family Spec Sheet

Download: SteelHead Family Brochure


Riverbed Application Performance Platform Cuts IT Upgrade Costs by $1 million.




SteelHead CX saves non-profit health care service $1 million per year in network costs to use on patient care.

Riverbed® SteelHead™ Services

Drive adoption and utilization for SteelHead solutions while accelerating deployments for use cases such as SaaS, IaaS, Mobile, and data center migration.


Use Cases

Hybrid WAN

Easily leverage and control Hybrid WANs to increase available bandwidth, application performance and network reliability at the lowest cost possible.


Speed up user access and manage the delivery of SaaS applications including Office 365 and, and IaaS clouds.


Deliver application performance improvements while leveraging the scalability and cost benefits of virtualization.


Overcome bandwidth and geographical limitations, improve productivity and enable global collaboration from virtually any location.

Data center to data center replication

Transfer and replicate data with greater visibility and control and less cost and risk, ensuring rapid data recovery times and improved business continuity.

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