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What's New

Riverbed acquires Aternity, leading end-user experience monitoring provider. This technology extends visibility into end-user devices, offering a critical vantage point that is essential for monitoring end-user experience of any application – SaaS, packaged or hosted – user interactions and device performance.

Know Your Users Like Never Before

Aternity delivers visibility into end-users' devices to help you optimize their application experiences.

Get The Users' Perspective

Measure user experience to optimize application and device performance, to resolve problems, and to maximize end-user productivity.

Any App Or

Monitor user interactions with any web or non-web app running on any type of physical, virtual, or mobile device. No programming required.

Analyze Real Activity

Define and study user interactions with applications in the context of a business workflow, to measure, manage, and improve user productivity.

Why End-User Experience Matters


Of the time, IT learns of issues through Help Desk

35% of the time, IT support learns about application performance or availability issues when employees contact the helpdesk.

Forrester Research


Consumers more likely to share bad experiences

Consumers are 2X more likely to share their bad experiences than they are to talk about positive ones.

Global Customer Service Barometer


Customers don't return after poor experience

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report

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