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Stairway to Cloud Networking Nirvana

Migrating to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud enables organizations to realize greater business agility and lower operational expenditures. However, Using legacy network management solutions in the cloud can leave you with mundane configurations, slow deployments, and poor agility. That’s why you need a modern solution that matches the benefits the cloud can deliver.

Read our eBook, Stairway to Cloud Networking Nirvana, to learn how Riverbed and AWS can help realize these benefits and you fundamentally change the way you manage networks and get the most out of your AWS environment including.

We’ve been able with AWS and Riverbed to not have any infrastructure that we own from an asset perspective. Other than all the financial benefits of now having an operational cost rather than capital that we need to depreciate and manage from the financial perspective, we’ve got an ability now to very quickly build and deploy a global network which would have taken months of planning and deployment before, now in hours.

Rob Gillan
Chief Technology Officer

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