Cascade Family to SteelCentral Trade Up

Trade up your Cascade Profiler, Express, Gateway, Shark or Sensor appliances or virtual editions to the latest SteelCentral products for better network monitoring scale and resolution:

  • Cascade Profiler to SteelCentral NetProfiler - Get twice the flow processing power (10M FPM), double the path resolution, and up to a 10x increase in reporting performance and number of tracked analytics policies for more granular visibility.
  • Cascade Shark to NetShark - Get twice the packet storage (72TB), double the port density (8x10Gbps), the option for storage redundancy, and a modular form factor for future expansion.
  • Cascade Gateway to SteelCentral Gateway - Support more flow capacity, up to 2M FPM.
  • Cascade Sensor to SteelCentral NetShark - Identify more than 1100 applications (a 11x increase), gain continuous packet capture and storage (8TB - 72TB), and troubleshoot complex issues faster.

Trade up to:

  • Get up to $37,000 in credit when you trade-up qualifying appliances
  • Receive credit for any unused support, and start fresh

Your Next Steps: