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SteelCentral AppInternals captures and stores every transaction and its associated metadata, down to deep levels of the user code - along with system metrics sampled at 1 second intervals - for immediate insight into even infrequent or intermittent issues.


Experience the advantages of SteelCentral AppInternals:

  • Monitor web applications continuously with scalable, high definition performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Get deep visibility into transactions, containers and microservices, on and off the cloud.
  • Trace and map every user transaction across dynamic, multi-tier components to understand app dependencies.
  • Never miss a performance problem – proprietary Big Data APM captures every transaction across every tier with full method and SQL detail.


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I always have the dashboard up because it gives me a general overview of the performance within the application. I’d say that’s the main benefit of AppInternals—its ability to alert us when a problem is just beginning. I can trace transactions using AppInternals and actually see which portion of the rental transaction is causing delays.

Wendy Hamilton

Project Leader in Product Support
Hertz Corporation