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Packets versus Flow

Network performance is now measured using Flow and Packet data, but do you know when you should be capturing this data to get the best outcomes?

Leigh Finch, Riverbed’s Distinguished Performance Consultant, hosts our upcoming webinar where he discusses Packets versus Flow, what information you can get from each, why they complement each other, and shares best practices for mapping out applications.

Putting these methods into practice will enable you to gather greater information about what is happening on your network and quickly identify operational and security incidents.

Discussed in this webinar:

  • What does Flow tell me?
  • What do Packets tell me?
  • Mapping out an application
  • Using Flow with QoS
  • Listening to your network

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Leigh Finch

Distinguished Performance Consultant Riverbed Technology


Nathan Godsall

Director, Solutions Engineering Riverbed Technology


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