Trusting Your Network in the SUNBURST Aftermath

Why cyber threat hunting must be in everyone’s DNA

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In this global webcast, an expert panel of security and networking professionals take an in-depth and technical look at challenges and best practices related to cyber threat hunting in the aftermath of the SUNBURST attack. 

Join and learn …

  • How SUNBURST’s strange anomalies were hiding in plain sight, and how you can fully assess your exposure to the attack.
  • How tools, teams and processes spanning network and security domains must become more unified and collaborative to effectively combat sophisticated cyber threats. 
  • What new challenges exist getting basic visibility, useful visibility, and sufficient visibility back online.
  • What is SUPERNOVA, and does it point to an even bigger threat to your network?


Panel Members


Jon Oltsik

ESG, Senior Principal Analyst & Fellow
Cyber-risk Management


Bob Laliberte

ESG, Practice Director & Senior Analyst
Networking - Converged Infrastructure


Vincent Berk

CTO & Chief Security Architect
Riverbed Technology


John Murphy

Technical Director, Engineering
Riverbed Technology


Marlin McFate

Public Sector CTO
Riverbed Technology

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