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Why Network and Security Monitoring are Merging

Sooner or later, the bad guys will breach your security defences. Whether it’s malware inadvertently introduced onto your network or someone simply removing data with a thumb drive, you’re working in the dark without network security analytics. That’s why network security and network monitoring are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Leigh Finch, Riverbed’s Distinguished Performance Consultant will be joined by John Murphy, Riverbed's Technical Director to explain why it’s not if but when the two disciplines will combine — and how our SteelCentral NetProfiler Advanced Security Module can transform network data into actionable cybersecurity intelligence.

They will cover how it can enable you to:

  • Use full-fidelity network flow analytics for forensic analysis
  • Accurately assess the severity and scope of security incidents
  • Quickly initiate mitigation actions to reduce the likelihood that attackers get the data they want

He’ll also be answering your questions on the topic and how Riverbed services and software can help — so come prepared to ask away!  

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John Murphy

Technical Director, Engineering Riverbed Technology
Jhon Murphy

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