We Believe in Creating a Culture that is Collaborative, Creative and—Most Importantly—FUN!

Join us in exploring new ideas and meeting new people from all across the company

To support this, we have our Riverbed Hackathon program. This quarterly event gives you a chance to work on things that interest YOU, whether or not they’re applicable to the company’s products or processes. By participating in our week-long Hackathons, you will gain experience in organizing a group, and formulating a plan to implement your ideas or learn something new by volunteering to work on a project you’re interested in but know little about.  Most importantly, you will make new friends by working with talented, curious, and like-minded people from other Engineering teams all across Riverbed.

This opportunity will come with We provide a bit of training ahead of time to ensure you have the right skills to jump right in and contribute right away at the event. We also provide the brain fuel you need to power your ideas and help bring your project to life with lunches and engineering resources like: lab equipment, conference rooms and software.

We know you’ll have an exciting fun and memorable experience you’ll never forget!

Riverbed’s Shark Tank: Fast Tracking New Ideas

Earn the chance to pitch your breakthrough ideas on Riverbed’s own Shark Tank!

As you may have heard, this television show It features entrepreneurs pitching their creative ideas to potential investors in hopes of securing resources to launch their product or service.  Here at Riverbed, we believe in enabling that entrepreneurial spirit in our employees as well, so we’ve launched our very own Riverbed Shark Tank Program.

The Program is open to any Engineer in the organization who wants to innovate towards a new product or feature. This opportunity is open to our Interns and New College Graduates as well.  Our Shark Tank program gives you a forum where your ideas can be heard and considered. It also provides the unique opportunity to learn how to evaluate the business aspects of product and feature decisions – a must-have skill if you want to start your own company someday in the future.

Each winning project is sponsored by a Director-level Manager and supported with budget and company resources such as: Engineers, tools, processes, equipment and software to achieve a project prototype. Teams are exempted from their normal duties for a full month in order to focus on their project.

At other companies, you would have to fight to get your ideas heard , but not at Riverbed! We want you to flourish and grow your career with us. We want YOU to be able to make an impact, immediately.