Oy Samlink Ab is a leading supplier of banking services, both online and on-premise, to banks, credit institutions, and investment service companies in Finland. The company provides IT solutions for all phases of financial operation. Samlink's client banks serve more than one million users in 460 branches, and over 500,000 on-line users. As an application service provider, Samlink depends on an extensive MPLS network leased from ISPs, as well as a number of VPN connections. Day-to-day operation of the network is critical to Samlink's business. Their existing toolset, based on portable protocol analyzers, couldn't give them the information they needed to efficiently manage existing applications and plan for new ones. For assistance, Samlink turned to Bemecon Oy, a Finnish solution provider specializing in systems management. After a careful audit of Samlink's IT needs, Bemecon recommended and installed a Riverbed® SteelCentral? AppResponse at Samlink's primary data center in Helsinki. SteelCentral? AppResponse almost immediately gave them a new view of their network and appliances.

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