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ESG: Riverbed Unified NPM Improves Network Security and Operations

Yet another security tool won’t help to bridge the gap between security and networking teams. As an alternative, organizations may benefit from network visibility tools that can support the needs and use cases of both networking and security teams.

With full-fidelity visibility, Riverbed Unified NPM can help organizations stitch together network communications indicating “low and slow” cyber-attacks like advanced persistent threats (APTs). These campaigns use various tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) following a kill chain to compromise systems, move laterally across networks, harvest credentials, and eventually exfiltrate valuable data.

By providing end-to-end visibility, Riverbed can also aid organizations’ efforts to operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK framework for typical MITRE ATT&CK use cases like incident detection, security assessment and engineering, cyber-threat intelligence analysis, and adversary emulation. Finally, Riverbed Unified NPM networking and security functionality can help organizations as they plan, test, and implement architectural solutions for zero trust.

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