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Getting Full-Fidelity Network Security Analytics

Security incidents are the root cause of many IT problems and without full-fidelity network visibility, organizations are blind to many types of security breaches.

This Packet Pushers podcast features Riverbed technology experts Marco Di Benedetto and Vincent Berk discussing these topics:

  • The three principles of security: eyes on everything, full-fidelity forensics, and visibility from all angles
  • How to instrument your network to collect the most valuable and relevant data
  • How AI provides context and analysis to reduce alarm and alert fatigue
  • How Riverbed combines logs, flow records, and packet capture to help you analyze and respond to security events


How do you manage the performance of SaaS applications such as Office 365 when you don’t own the applications or the networks they run across?

This Packet Pushers podcast explores SaaS challenges imposed by hybrid networks, latency, and mobile workers and how Riverbed helps network engineers solve those challenges.

This Tech Bytes features Riverbed technology experts Marco Di Benedetto and Paul Griffiths discussing these topics:

  • Technologies used to accelerate leading SaaS applications
  • Gaining visibility into SaaS performance over public networks
  • Tracking performance metrics from the client all the way to the service
  • Riverbed solutions for SaaS performance, including SaaS Accelerator

Learn More About Network Security Analytics

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