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The ultimate in network and application analysis

As organizations are digitally transforming their environment and becoming more distributed, the network becomes even more relevant. Riverbed AppResponse delivers full stack network and application analysis, helping you capture, store and analyze all application interactions as they cross the wire, in one solution. Using powerful network and application analytics and flexible workflows, AppResponse speeds problem diagnosis and resolution, so you resolve problems fast.

Breakthrough Visibility & Performance for Encrypted Apps & Traffic

Breakthrough Visibility & Performance for Encrypted Apps & Traffic: Watch as we troubleshoot a complex performance problem leveraging a variety of data.
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Benefits of AppResponse Network-based APM

Ubiquitous visibility

Deploy anywhere and everywhere you need – on-premises, private or public AWS or Azure cloud – AppResponse is designed to meet your hybrid monitoring needs with network forensics, application analytics, and end-user experience monitoring in a single solution.

Flexible & Extensible Platform

Rich application analysis

Modular in design, AppResponse lets you select the analysis capabilities you need, including network forensics, all TCP and UDP applications and their metrics, web application performance, database analysis, VoIP and video analysis, and Citrix analysis.

High Scale Analysis

Actionable insight

There’s a saying that packets are the ultimate source of truth. AppResponse captures and stores all packets, all the time at one-minute granularity, so the details are always available when you need them. When required, explore the second- and micro-second level details.

Fast diagnosis of multi-tier application transactions

Fast answers

Built-in policies and adaptive thresholds automatically highlight brewing problems as they are occurring, so you can address them before they become full-blown incidents. Streamlined troubleshooting workflows and high-definition data help you diagnose root cause in minutes.

Transport Streamlining

Videos of Riverbed AppResponse in use

Riverbed Unified NPM: Visibility Everywhere!
AppResponse Web Transaction Analysis

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