Monitor, Troubleshoot, and Analyze Applications

Get full visibility and diagnostics across your distributed and dynamic applications, networks and infrastructure, both on and off the cloud. Riverbed's unique big data approach to APM gives you complete insight - with full details of every user’s transactions, for any app, at any scale. Understand the impact on end user experience with true end-to-end monitoring from the user’s device through the back end, and apply advanced analytics and machine learning to APM big data to resolve issues before the business is impacted.


SteelCentral Unified APM – Reinventing APM for the Digital Era

Gartner Analyst Paper

Riverbed named a challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for APM


Michelin uses Riverbed Performance Management for Monitoring Network, Application and Infrastructure Performance in Real Time

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

9 Facts That Will Make You Rethink APM

Analyst Report

Digital Experience Management: A Foundation for Transformation

Analyst Report

Gartner Webcast

The Future of APM: It's Bigger, Smarter and More Integrated Than Ever

SteelCentral Services

Déployez rapidement les produits SteelCentral, accélérez le retour sur investissement et optimisez l’efficacité opérationnelle en vous appuyant sur l’expertise des services professionnels de Riverbed pour gérer la performance des applications et des réseaux.

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