Harness the Power of Insightful Information From Your Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is the primary means for communication within buildings and turn this invaluable asset into a competitive advantage for your company. Riverbed Xirrus provides you with a rich set of applications and tools to deliver superior user experience, new value-added location services and more. Standards based APIs enable you to integrate insightful user and device information into your business applications.

XMS-Enterprise Product Brief

Powerful insights into your Wi-Fi from a single console

Xirrus in Brief

CommandCenter Product Brief

Intuitive multi-tenant platform for distributed enterprises and MSPs

XMS-Cloud Product Brief


Discover why thousands of customers trust Riverbed Xirrus for their Wi-Fi

XS Enterpise product brief

EasyPass Product Brief

One simple yet powerful access suite for users, guests, BYOD and IoT

Command center product brief

XMS-Cloud Product Brief

Complete visibility and control from anywhere

EasyPass Product brief


Discover how Riverbed Xirrus is the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet

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