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Simplify the planning and management of the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things promises many compelling outcomes, IT needs to be wary of issues surrounding legacy infrastructure, new security risks, and increased complexity that jeopardize initiatives. Specifically:

  • Legacy networks that become overloaded as IoT devices create additional data and traffic. Moreover, securing and managing networks becomes untenable when done router-by-router and by using multiple management tools.
  • Limited visibility into device-to-system communications. IT struggles to map new networks that include IoT infrastructure while maintaining compliance as topologies continually grow.
  • Managing explosive data growth. IoT applications must be able to access and analyze data in real-time, yet that data must remain protected from exfiltration or loss.

Riverbed provides a software-defined platform that simplifies the process of planning and managing IT architectures required to support IoT. Our solutions address concerns surrounding poor network connectivity and performance, trade-offs between data availability and security, and increased cyber threats that plague IoT initiatives.

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