Validate the Impact of Strategic and Tactical IT Change

Mobility, cloud, and virtualization result in a constant challenge for business executives and IT leaders to determine which new technologies, devices, and applications are most critical to adopt. Strategic initiatives and routine app and device upgrades both require rigorous analysis of the impact of change on end user experience and critical business activities.


SteelCentral EUEM provides you with the ability to:

  • Correlate user interactions, app performance, and device performance and health enabling you to compare app performance before and after changes to apps, devices, or infrastructure
  • Analyze app performance, as seen by every end user, for every instance of every monitored business activity with a color-coded status indication performance relative to baselines
  • Compare differences in performance & SLA compliance for business activities  executed on physical devices and VDI
  • Validate the benefits of cloud services by comparing the application performance of cloud-delivered apps to those run in your own data centers

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