Digital Transformation is Driving Changes to WAN Architectures

Cloud and Hybrid Infrastructures Require Evolved WAN Management

WAN management and optimization is core for cloud-first digital businesses to succeed. And while the cloud offers unparalleled capacity, flexibility, and reliability, implementations are often wrought with complexity and challenges, particularly when it comes to managing and optimizing intricate networks to, from, and within numerous cloud and hybrid environments.


This collection of analyst reports and papers provides valuable insights into understanding how the WAN must evolve and what cloud-first enterprises must do to embrace the change and speed of the cloud and digital era.

IDC Analyst Paper: Powering Digital Transformation Through the Cloud-Ready Enterprise

To remain competitive or disrupt their industries, enterprises today must focus on digital transformation via cloud-first initiatives. This paper looks at the role of Riverbed in accelerating digital transformation by addressing new requirements of the cloud-ready enterprise.

Forrester Report: The Future of the WAN is Software-Defined

To be successful in serving the growing demand of digital business initiatives, infrastructure and operations leaders must fundamentally rearchitected the WAN. This Gartner report offers insights into the challenges and recommendations of leveraging new WAN architectures