Rethink ROBO IT. Achieve Zero Branch IT.

In an IT world of hybrid and distributed everything, what organizations want is a solution that brings centralization, flexibility, and automation to Edge IT. A solution that allows you to roll out services when you need them, how you need them and where you need them, all while ensuring your most critical corporate asset—data—is protected.

Imagine an Edge with no servers. No storage. No more backup to worry about. What if you could instantly provision new applications, new services and entirely new sites across your business? And what if you could instantly recover from a remote outage?

It’s a hands-off, Zero Branch IT approach.

Through SteelFusion, branches can be spun up, spun down, moved, backed-up, and restored amazingly fast all from the central datacenter, and now conveniently in the cloud, without requiring assistance from operational staff in the branch. SteelFusion helps businesses meet the variable application performance requirements of their ROBO locations while reducing complexity and mitigating risk.

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Use Cases

Security: Data Protection

Secure critical branch data in a data center, while still guaranteeing local performance even during WAN outages.

Business Continuity: Instant Branch Recovery

Simplify the recovery of servers, applications, and data, and restart branch operations from the data center, instantly.

Agility: Instant Branch Provisioning

Deploy new services, applications, or entirely new branch sites to ensure workforce productivity and fast time to revenue.

Reducing Branch IT Footprint

Discover your path to Zero Branch IT. Eliminate branch servers, storage, and backup infrastructure to reduce issues and operational costs.

Branch Backup Consolidation

Centralize backup of branch servers and data to the datacenter, and improve your data protection.

SteelFusion fully matches our IT vision; helping us to simplify the infrastructure, reduce the management burden at smaller sites, and centralize services and data in the main data centers. - Stefan Tittel, Chief Information Officer at nkt cable

Branch and Remote Office IT Challenges

As today’s enterprises add additional office locations, they are also adding expensive hardware and support challenges for IT. Valuable company data stored in these locations is often left unprotected. Without qualified IT staff on site to manage servers, storage and backup at the branch, it can take days, weeks or even months to provision new services, resolve application performance issues and recover from outages, directly impacting business productivity and ultimately business results.

Riverbed® offers a new software-defined edge approach to Edge IT

A Better Solution for Remote and Branch Office (ROBO) IT

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only hyper-converged infrastructure purpose-built for the efficient management of Edge IT. SteelFusion’s software-defined edge (SD-Edge) solution combines storage delivery, server virtualization and industry-leading hybrid WAN optimization technologies into one, eliminating the need for physical servers, storage and backup infrastructure at ROBO locations. Only SteelFusion can centrally protect 100% of a company’s data in the secure data center or public cloud, while still delivering the application performance required by remote workers to get business done. SteelFusion also delivers the unique ability to instantly provision new services, and entirely new branches, as well as the ability to recover from remote outages, all from a centralized location. All of this ultimately leads to dramatic increases in data security, business continuity, agility and operational efficiency.

SteelFusion's software-defined edge solution can help you:

  • Control data in the datacenter, removing sensitive information from high-risk locations
  • Slash IT costs by eliminating the need to purchase, maintain, and backup servers in branch offices
  • Simplify IT workloads by completely eliminating the need for branch backup
  • Quickly recover from unplanned branch outages, avoiding significant data and financial cost
  • Quickly provision new applications and business services to remote and branch offices from the datacenter
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes you to setup a new branch
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by keeping your organization business agile regardless of where your remote sites may be.
How It Works
With Riverbed, we got more than we thought we would, such as WAN optimization, which was not part of the initial consideration. We consolidated and we avoided the cost of additional bandwidth to the remote sites, which turned out to be another real win. - Jerry Vigil, IT Director at Bill Barrett Corporation

SteelFusion: The first Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Branch IT

SteelFusion is the industry’s first hyper-converged infrastructure solution designed uniquely for branch and remote office (ROBO) locations, extending the security, resilience and services of the centralized data center, out to branch offices. SteelFusion enables IT organizations to instantly push out new services and applications to the front lines of the business, instantly recover from remote outages, and provides the peace of mind that 100% company data remains protected in the central data center, without compromising performance at the branch.

It consists of two components:

SteelFusion Edge: A hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that integrates server, storage, network, and virtualization to run local branch apps, eliminating your need for additional branch infrastructure.

SteelFusion Core: A storage delivery controller in the datacenter that interfaces with your storage area network (SAN). This projects centralized data out to branches, eliminates branch backups, and provides instant provisioning and recovery of branch services.

SteelFusion serves as the infrastructure for your branch, significantly lowering capital and operational costs, mitigating the risk of branch disasters, and improving IT agility, and responsiveness to the business.

SteelFusion integrates three unique features into a hyper-converged appliance that delivers new levels of efficiency for running your global ROBO locations:

BlockStream℗: Integrated Storage Delivery
BlockStream is a Riverbed-patented technology that uniquely centralizes data in the datacenter and projects a working set out to your branch, leveraging a combination of three features:

1.      An authoritative block cache built into the SteelFusion™ Edge converged appliance

2.      A pre-fetch algorithm that predicts and delivers required data from the datacenter SAN to branch locations

3.      Data deduplication technology that reduces the amount of data transferred between Edge and Core

SteelHead: Built-in WAN Optimization
SteelFusion integrates the industry’s leading WAN optimization solution. WAN optimization helps further streamline your branch infrastructure by consolidating services back to your datacenter, and accelerating all your user traffic in the branch across the optimal networks at the lowest cost. Services that cannot be centralized are run as virtual machines (VMs) on the converged appliance.

VSP: Branch-Optimized Virtualization
The SteelFusion Edge hyper-converged appliance contains a fully integrated instance of the VMware vSphere hypervisor, optimized to run remotely. This industry-standard virtualization platform can be managed with existing tools and capabilities. SteelFusion seamlessly appears as a standard host in existing VMware vSphere and vCenter management tools.

Benefits and Advantages
SteelFusion has simplified my operations. Users at remote sites are happy because their data is better protected, performance is better and we aren’t asking them to help when there’s an IT problem. Also, the success with SteelFusion helped the IT department earn back trust, and gave me momentum to go after other projects. - Jerry Vigil, IT Director at Bill Barrett Corporation
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Key Benefits of SteelFusion

SteelFusion converges server, storage, and network infrastructure into a single branch appliance that ensures the best application performance for the front lines of your business, minimizes downtime, reduces operational and capital costs, and simplifies branch IT management.

No servers. No storage. No backup.

With SteelFusion you can reduce capital and operational costs by consolidating and securing 100% of branch data and branch servers into the data center - where they belong -- with zero impact to application performance.

  • Slash branch IT costs by eliminating the need to purchase, maintain, and protect servers in branch offices
  • Eliminate need to purchase storage for the branch, driving greater utilization of datacenter storage investments
  • Simplify IT workloads by completely eliminating the need for branch backup

Instant provisioning.  Instant recovery.

SteelFusion enables you to provision and deploy new branch services and entirely new branch sites as quickly and as easily as spinning up virtual machines in your data center, leveraging all the rich capabilities available at the core of your enterprise.  With SteelFusion, branch recovery can be completed in minutes instead of days, dramatically reducing branch downtime.

  • Satisfy the most aggressive requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery (RPO/RTO – Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective)
  • Reduce branch administration costs by leveraging standardized datacenter policies and procedures.
  • Centralize control to eliminate the need for remote IT personnel or “fly and fix” missions
  • Quickly provision remote and branch offices from the datacenter

Complete security

Eliminate the risk associated with having business data and intellectual property scattered across islands of remote and dispersed branch locations, by housing your company data where it belongs – in the secure data center.

  • Control data in the datacenter, removing sensitive information from high-risk locations
  • Render data on stolen appliances or drives inaccessible without admin authentication

Full visibility

Gain the peace of mind knowing that you have full visibility to detect and fix application performance problems before end-users even notice. Eliminate blind sports at the branch office with SteelHead and SteelCentral technology embedded in SteelFusion.

  • Troubleshoot problems proactively at remote locations
  • Quickly detect anomalous network issues
  • Remotely fix complex network and application performance issues without the need for a dedicated (and expensive) monitoring resource in the branch.

Apps that simply work

Guarantee superior performance for all applications needed to stay productive at your enterprise branch offices.  SteelHead technology in SteelFusion allows you to centrally manage and enforce performance SLAs across your hybrid enterprise for on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications.

  • Deliver the best end user experience across the hybrid network by optimizing application performance for on-premise, cloud, and SaaS applications.
We saved money. We modernized our infrastructure. Back-ups are now completing. If we want to spin-up a new server there is no buying a new server and waiting for it to come in. The time to deployment has been reduced significantly. -Travis Wagers, Information Systems Manager, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Information Technology
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Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Learn more about the SteelFusion model and configuration that’s right for your organization:

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