Organizations spend over $4 billion every year on hard-to-manage remote office IT

“It was a combination of organic growth and acquisitions that led to this situation [of datacenter sprawl]” 
Searl Tate, Director of Engineering, Paul Hastings

Performance demands and WAN issues often complicate the consolidation of your branch server and storage infrastructure. You deploy more and more infrastructure to deliver branch applications and data and maintain an acceptable level of productivity. This proliferation results in islands of distributed branch infrastructure that are costly, complex, and inefficient to manage.

Meet branch IT needs with a single converged appliance

“SteelFusion has simplified my operations. Users at remote sites are happy because their data is better protected, performance is better and we aren’t asking them to help when there’s an IT problem. Also, the success with SteelFusion gave me momentum to go after other projects.”  
- Jerry Vigil, IT Director, Bill Barrett Corporation

SteelFusion lets you run your branch apps on less infrastructure. SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure eliminates the need for separate server, storage, backup, and network hardware and centralizes data, enabling IT to manage remote servers, data, and protection in the secure datacenter.

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Significantly lower the TCO of branch and remote offices

”SteelFusion has simplified the support of our remote offices significantly strengthening the overall support we provide for the business.”
- Jerry Vigil, IT Director, Bill Barrett Corporation

With SteelFusion you can now reduce the costs associated with maintaining branch operations. Your capital costs are lower by eliminating extensive infrastructure from remote locations. You also simplify IT practices and significantly lowers your operational costs by gaining the ability to centrally manage your branch IT needs. Plus you now can maximize use of your datacenter resources to support your entire business landscape.

Riverbed® SteelFusion™ Services

Combine the operational advantages of SteelFusion with the expertise of Riverbed consultants, and see how much easier branch IT can be.

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