Distinguish Yourself and Your Company

Riverbed offers a certification program and technical training services that distinguish you and your company as highly skilled in Riverbed solutions. Getting trained or certified not only increases your technical skills and ability to resolve issues, it enhances the long-term value and ROI of your Riverbed technology investments.

Technical Training Services

Learn From the Best

A well-trained team improves your company’s ability to fully leverage new or existing Riverbed solution deployments to meet business objectives. Riverbed provides an engaging curriculum taught by skillful instructors in a range of formats so your team can receive the training they need, when and how they need it.


Certification Program

Everyone Benefits From Certification

There are tremendous benefits to becoming Riverbed-certified, both for you and your company. Our certification program helps you achieve significant expertise in Riverbed solutions so you are positioned as an indispensable resource to employers, colleagues, and clients. For companies, certification can lead to lower costs and improved ROI from better implementation, utilization, and management of Riverbed solutions.


Ready to get started?

Advance your Riverbed product knowledge. View the Course Schedule to register for a class or contact us to learn more.