Seamless IT Service Delivery requires seamless End User Experience Monitoring

Next generation end user computing technologies provide your workforce with secure access to business critical apps and data, as they navigate between smartphone, tablet, and PC. Omni-channel strategies enable your customers to do business with you via mobile, web, or in person. SteelCentral EUEM helps you ensure the success of both.


SteelCentral EUEM provides you with the ability to:

  • Understand where IT investment is needed most by analyzing the performance of business activities relative to customer driven SLAs, by geography, subnet, or device type
  • Analyze trends in app adoption across the enterprise to track the effectiveness of key strategic initiatives like cloud, mobile, and virtualization
  • Validate that IT initiatives deliver the expected gains in workforce productivity and customer service by analyzing app performance across departments, geographies, device types, and office locations
  • Drive effective continuous improvement programs with fact-based decision making on how upgrades to applications, devices, or infrastructure impact end user experience

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