Performance issues with unified communications and VoIP systems is disruptive and frustrating

“The company runs a survey twice a year, and on a scale of one to 10, satisfaction with the voice system was a 5 or a 6. We had to wait for users to contact the help desk when they had a problem with a phone” 
-– Stalin Guilamo, Manager of Network and Telephony Operations, The Riverside Company

Applications like conferencing, mobility, video, and collaboration have unforgiving performance levels and always-on availability requirements to meet the high expectations of users. Maintaining that rock-solid level of performance throughout the end-to-end life cycle requires the right set of tools. You need to be able to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues before users are affected, and maintain system availability during upgrades, changes and ongoing operations.

Reduce outages with end-user experience focused monitoring and alerts

With SteelCentral UCExpert, you continuously monitor your unified communication infrastructure (including Cisco® Unified Communications Manager and Avaya Aura® Communication Manager). Your network and telephony teams are alerted on problems in voice quality, service availability, performance, capacity, and other key performance metrics.

Having clear visibility into the unified communication system behavior at all times gives you more confidence in the system and your ability to manage it, which shortens development and testing times. You can quickly identify the root cause of problems introduced through configuration changes by keeping track in-depth of nearly all changes made to the VoIP environment, including updates to all configuration elements and their attributes.

Proactive monitoring and remote troubleshooting increases productivity, reduces mean time to repair (MTTR), and lowers costs

“We get an alert 2 to 5 minutes before anyone reports an issue, so we already have a sense of where to go to address it.” – Stalin Guilamo, Manager of Network and Telephony Operations, The Riverside Company

With SteelCentral UCExpert, you can finally get out of the “break-fix” trap and extract the most value from your unified communication investment. In multi-site environments, you can remotely trouble­shoot and diagnose problems can be a critical component to increased efficiency, speed and responsiveness of your voice IT team.

Gaining insight into how small configuration changes can affect service quality can lead to faster repair times and reduce or eliminate repetitive problems. With a mission-critical application such as unified communication, it is imperative to test the functional­ity of the system after deployment, following upgrades, and during off-hours when problems may go undetected. Automated proactive testing monitors service availability and replaces costly manual testing.

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