At Riverbed, we are committed to providing you with the support you need to be successful. This page is dedicated to your country-specific information about your pay, holidays and benefits.

We are pleased to offer employees in India a comprehensive benefits package.

The 2016 holiday schedule includes 15 days.

Restricted/Floating Holidays: Employees are allowed to take only one holiday from the following list:

  • Makara Sankranti, Jan 15
  • Good Friday, Mar 25
  • Eid Al-Fitr, July 6
  • India employees are paid monthly by direct deposit.
  • For bank account changes, send your Payroll Banking Instructions to to APJ Requests.
All permanent full time employees are eligible to join the APAC Regional Plan which provides Medical Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Long Term Income Benefit, and Personal Accident Insurance.
All full-time employees receive new-hire equity grants in Riverbed. As part of your onboarding, you are also offered the right to purchase restricted stock and lock in the long-term capital gains tax rate (which is substantially lower). This allows for significant upside on Riverbed stock share value and favorable taxation on equity gains at the time of an IPO or sale of the company.

Adoption Assistance Program: Riverbed both recognizes and offers some resources for employees progressing through the adoption process. The Riverbed Adoption Assistance Program provides financial assistance to eligible employees who are adopting a child. This program is designed to support our worldwide employees who are building their families through adoption.

Paid Parental Leave Program: Riverbed prides itself in its support of employees balancing career, family life and the arrival of a new child. Providing employees time to bond with the new addition to their family is very important to the company. The Riverbed Paid Parental Leave Program is designed to provide supplemental support to our employees who have become new parents.

Riverbed SafetyNet Program: This Riverbed SafetyNet offers global employees two unique benefit programs for their use when on business-related travel away from their home country: The CIGNA Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA) which provides medical coverage for illnesses/injuries, and International SOS which provides safety/security support and resources while traveling.

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