SD-WAN: Hype or Not?

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SD-WAN: Hype or Not?

Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) offer a new approach—an intelligent and intuitive way to design, deploy, and manage distributed networks for the digital enterprise. We all know the need for SD-WAN, yet the more one learns about it, the more convoluted it becomes. This 4-part video series produced jointly by SiliconANGLE and Riverbed clears the air with:

  • Real answers about SD-WAN—what it is, the problems it solves, and why your business needs it;
  • A close-up look at how SD-WAN actually works;
  • Considerations and guidelines for a successful SD-WAN deployment.

Episode 1

Join SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier and Riverbed GM Paul O'Farrell as they discuss the business drivers and current networking pain points that are fueling the move toward SD-WAN. They also discuss how the new technology can be truly transformational, not just for IT, but for the business as a whole.

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Episode 2

In this video episode with SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier, Riverbed Product Marketing VP, Josh Dobies, and Vivek Ganti, Technical Marketing Engineer for Riverbed showcase how easy it is to design and deploy distributed networks using Riverbed's sophisticated, yet simple-to-use SD-WAN solution. They also provide guidance to buyers on what they need to evaluate when comparing SD-WAN solutions.

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Episode 3

You need a plan of action—a set of practical steps that will take your business to the promised land of SD-WAN. In this SiliconANGLE video interview, Riverbed CTO Hansang Bae, together with Riverbed Deputy CTO Frank Lyonnet, discuss the migration path to SD-WAN, deployment tips for a successful transition, and next steps to take for common use cases.

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Episode 4

Riverbed's acquisition of Xirrus expands the SD-WAN and cloud networking solution SteelConnect with a robust and proven suite of advanced, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions. In this SiliconAngle video episode — Extend SD-WAN to Wireless LAN — Riverbed shows us how easy and quick it is to provision, set up, monitor and optimize highly adaptive WiFI networks.

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