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With WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed, Duke CE was able to deliver its own brand of communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing capabilities from anywhere in the world.


  • Ease of deployment - global rollout accomplished by IT generalists
  • Reduced delivery time for software updates from five minutes to 10 seconds
  • Eliminated data silos and enhanced inter-office collaboration

With 125 employees on four continents Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) produces customized executive education programs to help large corporations meet their specific business goals.  Duke turned to Riverbed to help optimize its WAN for two main reasons: cutting costs and maintaining culture.

Duke CE didn't want to create separate silos of data in discrete locations, and couldn't afford to build and maintain multiple data centers. Neither did the organization want to lose any of its core cultural characteristics by limiting access to information because of geography. As it grew and entered into strategic joint ventures with prestigious educational institutions in Europe and India, giving remote employees instantaneous access to information became even more important.

Riverbed solutions gave Duke CE the necessary tools to grow its business while maintaining its corporate identity during this period of major expansion. Furthermore, the organization was able to reduce delivery time for software updates from five minutes to 10 seconds.


Eliminated data silos; enhanced collaboration

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