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Innovating in lockstep to ensure performance excellence

Now more than ever, companies are migrating to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure to drive digital transformation and satisfy employee expectations for excellent performance whether remote or in the office. Yet outside factors like network latency, congestion, and last-mile issues can impact how users interact with their applications, especially data-heavy video and files.

Riverbed helps Microsoft make the user experience more predictable, delivering high-level performance and video fidelity. As a Gold Cloud Platform Competency Partner, Riverbed has worked in lockstep with Microsoft to develop innovative solutions that accelerate application performance, improve network visibility, and deliver the best user experience possible for Office 365 and Azure.

Microsoft + Riverbed Co-Innovation

Microsoft + Riverbed Co-Innovation
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10 X
acceleration for Microsoft Office 365
99 %
reduction in video data for Microsoft Teams and Stream
65 %
bandwidth reduction for Azure Site Recovery

Join Microsoft and Riverbed Leaders

Riverbed / Microsoft leaders webinar about work-from-anywhere realities and exciting new cloud services that enhance productivity for M365 and Teams.
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