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Solution Overview

The long-time leaders in WAN expertise and cloud-based security are delivering a joint solution that enables a true, cloud-first architecture. By seamlessly integrating Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution with the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform, enterprises can move quickly to support the dynamic needs of today’s digital businesses, while delivering fast, secure access to cloud applications across all business locations. The results? Optimal user experiences, improved network efficiency, lower TCO, and greater business agility—all while enforcing advanced protection for users.

Riverbed and Zscaler

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SteelConnect-Zscaler SolutionBrief
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Mission: Cloud-first Transformation
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Securing the Network with Riverbed SD-WAN
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SteelConnect and the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform

Becoming a cloud-first organization is imperative for successful digital transformation, but doing so introduces new challenges for managing and protecting enterprise networks. IT leaders can’t keep pace with business demands using legacy, router-based networks. Meanwhile, Internet backhaul introduces too much latency for users leveraging cloud applications, thereby compromising performance and end-user experience.

What organizations need is a simple yet powerful way to design, deploy, and manage networks, while ensuring fast, secure access to critical cloud apps and data. The combination of Riverbed SteelConnect with the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform delivers those capabilities through an entirely cloud-controlled solution that eliminates management complexity and the compromises that often exist between security and business goals for performance and agility.

Why Riverbed and Zscaler?

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Dramatically simplify branch operations and improve business agility with centralized, cloud-based management of network and security functions. 


Deliver fast connectivity to apps and data, regardless of network type or user location, by enabling and optimizing local Internet breakouts. Each day, the Zscaler cloud secures all the traffic for thousands of organizations in nearly 200 countries, applying policies and blocking threats millions of times every hour.


Provide identical protection for users wherever they connect by seamlessly routing Internet-bound traffic to the Zscaler cloud. Zscaler inspects all traffic inline, including SSL, and provides advanced threat prevention, data protection, and access controls, while maintaining performance and an improved user experience.

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