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Monitor, measure and strengthen performance throughout the network, on every app, and on every device

Every aspect of your mission — from worker productivity to the warfighter —depends on high-level app and network performance. That’s why ensuring assets work the way they should, and beating problems before they arise, is a top mission priority. You need to be able to gauge performance everywhere, at all times, across a complex web of legacy, mobile, cloud and shadow IT components.

Our solutions give end-to-end visibility to real-time pain points and areas of underperformance — allowing you to quickly detect, diagnose and defeat problems before they impede your operations. By knowing where, when and why issues occur, you can proactively beat bottlenecks with faster time-to-remediation.

The result? Increased cost savings, better user experience, improved efficiency, and successful mission delivery.

Capabilities include:

  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Application topology and visualization
  • User-defined transaction profiling
  • Application component deep dive
  • IT operations analytics (ITOA)
  • Traffic modeling


During an IT transition in government, a new hybrid-IT environment proved challenging to the rollout of a major, public-facing application. New applications that are developed natively in the cloud are often placed in agencies’ production environments where, to perform properly, they must connect to legacy databases — sometimes many of them.

The application in question required data validation across multiple databases located throughout a number of federal agencies. At times, the process for resolving these queries took far too long, resulting in a negative end-user experience and adversely impacting enrollment targets.

Because of the application’s complexity, it wasn’t clear where the latency-causing issues were located. Was it caused by the external agencies’ infrastructure or somewhere else along the application deployment chain?


The agency in question, a long–time user of Riverbed’s application and network performance monitoring tools, dug into its data and discovered the problem within its application environment.


The speed at which this agency was able to identify and remediate the problem was directly due to the complete end-to-end visibility into all application dependencies that Riverbed provided. Without this visibility, the problem likely would have persisted far longer, or been left entirely unaddressed, resulting in significant delays, cost overruns and political fallout.

application and network performance use case for government
The average cost of an enterprise application failure per hour is $500,000 to $1 million.
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