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A robust network is a major enabler of intelligent mining solutions

Few industries are as demanding as mining. Operating at the ends of the earth in locations that are often uninhabitable, and with complicated geo-political environments. The harsh physical and business climate demands efficiency – which requires world-class communication and automation.

 To achieve pervasive communications and business-wide efficiencies, one must improve overall network operations. Unfortunately, traditional mining networks are often inadequate: limited interface speed and bandwidth allocation rigidity, which is ill-suited to support today’s bandwidth-intensive and bursty apps. 

With end-to-end visibility and performance, Riverbed’s Mining Platform can help.

Unified NPM Explainer

Unified NPM Explainer Video
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Solving Network Performance and Visibility Issues in Mining Operations
Enabling Fast Secure Applications for Today’s Modern Mining Operations
Analyst Report
Overcoming Network Challenges in Mining
Analyst Report
Overcoming Network Challenges in Mining

Benefits of a Unified Network Performance Monitoring Approach

Improve digital CX

Continuously monitor performance across digital solutions, video-based interactions and omnichannel experiences.


Assure cloud migration

Unified monitoring over hybrid environments helps you meet regulatory compliance in scalable, flexible alternatives to on-premises infrastructure.


Detect network security threats

The fidelity and scale of data gathered and analysed aids security teams in detecting and addressing a number of security threats.


Proactively identify root cause

Today’s hybrid work, hybrid cloud demands unified visibility across users, apps, the network, and infrastructure to identify problems early and troubleshoot quickly.


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