Address Monitoring Gaps and Take Control of the Cloud

Riverbed's global survey of 333 IT decision makers finds that organizations are overwhelming embracing cloud and hybrid cloud architectures yet are struggling to manage performance and cost. Fully 92% find it challenging to manage the performance of cloud environments and cost transparency remains a challenge. In this report, learn how organizations are addressing these challenges to better take control of the cloud and revamping their teams and toolsets.

Key Findings from the State of Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid Cloud is the Norm

75% operate a hybrid cloud environment and view their cloud providers as strategic partners and drivers of business success

Cloud Expectations are Higher

80% say their users expect the same or better performance in the cloud as they do on-prem, even though IT has less control

Managing Cloud Providers is Harder

62% would like to improve management of cloud vendor performance levels (SLAs)

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Five Cloud Monitoring Trends:
How They Will Impact Network Monitoring in 2019

The State of
Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid Cloud
Visibility for NetOps

Centerpoint Properties
Riverbed SteelCentral’s new capabilities will enable us to monitor our network performance across our hybrid environment and provide unified visibility into applications, logs, networks, and systems.
Beverly Maestas , VP, Technology Operations, CenterPoint Properties

Better Network Visibility in Hybrid Cloud Environments

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