Regional User Group

The Riverbed User Group (RUG) program is designed to encourage and support communities of Riverbed users who want to hold regular meetings in their local area. The purpose of these gatherings is to provide a forum in which Riverbed users can share best practices and expertise, and Riverbed can in turn obtain feedback from the user community.

Riverbed User Groups are made up of independent communities of Riverbed users who get together to exchange ideas and information. There are many benefits to participating in a Riverbed User Group.

  • Learn best practices and optimal use of Riverbed products
  • Get answers, advice, tips, and suggestions from experts
  • Discover new ideas and gain insight about wide-area data services
  • Receive special information about new Riverbed products
  • Network with other technical professionals in your area
  • Be part of the leading edge of Riverbed users

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