Business Use Cases for SD-WAN

SD-WAN Visibility

SteelCentral Insights for SteelConnect is integrated into SteelConnect to provide visibility into large-scale SteelConnect SD-WAN environments.

Hybrid WAN

One of the benefits of SD-WAN is it simplifies the management of multiple networks with cloud-based centralized management and a menu-driven, simplified design and workflow.

Safe Internet Access

Automatically provision the security for users, groups, organizations, zones and sites, no physical boxes or coding.

Path Control

A single menu-driven, global policy to automate configuration of any network (no CLI coding).

Application Centric Control

Identify applications and enable prioritization of apps based on quality of service (QoS).

Zero Touch Provisioning

Centralize management and provide end-to-end visibility with a unified view.

Distributed LAN/WiFi

Automate deployment of remote LAN and WiFi infrastructure.

More Uptime

Eliminate the manual configuration of routers.

Self-Registered Access

Securely separate every user from the rest of your network and manage them according to your business policy.

Hybrid Cloud

Connect your Virtual Private Connections (VPCs) together with full mesh VPN.

Industry-Specific Use Cases for SD-WAN

Reducing IT Complexity

Retail Use Case
Network operating costs and difficult change management impacting agility are becoming major concerns.

Cloud-Enabled Branch Connectivity

Retail Use Case
The pressing challenge is to simplify branch connectivity, especially those with Internet breakouts, and provision sites faster.

100% Cloud and Internet

Retail Use Case
The plan is to move IT assets from branch to datacenter and datacenter to Cloud (AWS in particular)

Security and Control

Manufacturing Use Case
With 100+ sites, hybrid MPLS/Internet with local breakouts and the goal of moving to SaaS apps, managing the WAN is challenging and costly

Visibility and A Cloud-First Strategy

Financial Services Use Case
Unifying and securing on-premises/off-premises perimeters needs to go hand in hand with simplified network operations and fast application provisioning

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