Traditional recovery takes too long and impacts your business

“Our clients expect us to deliver projects on-time, and on budget. If an incident or disaster takes out an office, it’s bad. There are financial – and reputational – impacts for us and for our customers” 
– Mike Rinken, Director of Information Technology, Mazzetti, Inc.

Disasters from inclement weather, fire, or even human-induced mistakes are unavoidable. Your real challenge is getting back to business after an outage.

Traditional recovery requires you to replace hardware, rebuild and patch the operating system, reinstall your applications, perform a virus scan, and restore all of the data prior to a full return to service. This delay puts your business at risk! In today’s always-on business environment, a new solution is required to deliver branch business continuity with almost instant recovery.

When Disaster Strikes, SteelFusion Keeps Your Business Going >

Restart branch operations from the data center instantly

With SteelFusion hyper-converged infrastructure for branch IT, your branch data is stored and managed in the data center and presented for use in remote and branch locations at local speed. Data changes are deduplicated and continuously synchronized to centralized storage, improving your recovery point and enabling you to centrally protect data using data center best practices.

With SteelFusion, you can reboot and restore branch virtual servers in minutes from the data center. You can speed recovery time by starting virtual machines temporarily in the data center when remote locations are not accessible. You can quickly recover wherever and whenever you need to without requiring a server rebuild or time-consuming restore from backup tapes.

Branch Backup Can Be a Complicated Mess, but SteelFusion Can Straighten Things Out >

Recover branches faster, stay productive, and reduce costs

“With SteelFusion, we have realized a concrete DR plan for our distant sites.” 
– Rohit Tellis, Director of Information Technology, Alamos Gold

Riverbed innovation brings speed, agility, and resiliency to your business. SteelFusion empowers you to centrally provision, manage, and recover branch services from your data center in a fraction of time compared to a traditional infrastructure deployment. With SteelFusion, you will increase efficiency and save time, improve your branch business continuity, and reduce cost and risk.  

SteelFusion Can Slash RPO and RTO to Create Timely, Dependable Recoveries >

Riverbed® SteelFusion™ Services

Combine the operational advantages of SteelFusion with the expertise of Riverbed consultants, and see how much easier branch IT can be.

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    Ready to Get Started?

    Request a meeting, contact us for more info, or find out how to buy. We’re here to help you get ahead.