Increase Productivity with Fast, Secure Wi-Fi

Instant Access 

Combine security and simplicity and give patients, visitors, and hospital staff quick access to the Wi-Fi network with EasyPass. Device agnostic access solutions make it easy for visiting doctors and consultants using personal devices to join the network without IT intervention. Plus, IT administrators can track user activity to protect data.

Visibility & Control

Get holistic application visibility based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology and control over 1,400 applications at the network edge. Prioritize, block, or throttle applications or groups of applications and schedule policies to give critical patient monitoring and hospital staff voice communications preference over other data traffic.

Scalable Real-time Location Services

The Riverbed Xirrus Positioning System (XPS) is the only solution available that distributes highly intensive location calculations across all applications in the network. XPS can locate any Wi-Fi device or tag in seconds and supports massive scaling up to 100,000 clients without the need for an expensive centralized engine.

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