If It's Not the Network, What the @#!#%&! Is It? It's probably the apps running on the network.

Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals: Extend your visibility

When performance lags, the network usually gets the blame. But 90% of the time the network isn’t at fault. Often the problem exists within an application or server.

AppInternals extends your visibility with deep transaction tracing across the application and infrastructure tier. Quickly diagnose issues down to the line of code, SQL statement, or 3rd party service and get detailed insights in order to fix them.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Get complete visibility across the users, network, application and infrastructure. Never miss a performance problem.

Accelerate Problem Triage

Become an advisor. Measure impact, isolate problems, and arm the right team with the data they need to fix issues.

Collaborate & Resolve Problems

Eliminate finger-pointing. Share role-based insights across app and business teams for problem resolution. Everyone wins.

Already own Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse or NetProfiler? Learn how you can get more from your existing investments, and get your network and application operations teams on the same page.


To isolate performance problems, drill down to find root cause, and deploy the right team.

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To identify network or application problems and gather insights needed to fix them.

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