How to successfully migrate to the cloud

Maintaining visibility and security as you move to the cloud

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Benefits of migrating to the cloud with Riverbed

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Without proper planning, cloud migrations can lead to poor network and application performance, decreased employee productivity, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. Riverbed solutions provide complete lifecycle support, including network baseline analysis, traffic pattern projections, survivability analysis, network modeling, and change planning for your mission-critical applications. Using Riverbed, you can quantify the impact of your migration to the cloud and verify that there has been no performance degradation.

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Traditional WAN management systems were not designed for complex cloud environments and growth in cloud traffic. Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution simplifies cloud connectivity by providing secure direct connectivity from branch to the cloud and between clouds. There’s no more backhauling of traffic and its associated delays or manual configuration. Instead, you can centrally configure and manage your network cost-effectively, routing traffic based on business rules and network health.

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Once you have migrated your application to the cloud, you are not done. You need to understand how your cloud applications are performing – from the perspective that matters the most: your users’. Riverbed’s cloud performance management solution proactively identifies problems and then helps you troubleshoot issues in your microservices, containers, APIs, applications, infrastructure, and network. The results: consistently high levels of user satisfaction and faster development cycles. 

Benefits Icon Speed data transfer to the cloud

Accelerating data migration from on-premises to the cloud can significantly shorten migration timelines and minimize bandwidth and latency issues. Riverbed solutions ensure secure and highly performant data migrations to the cloud by finding the shortest path and then applying optimization techniques to conserve bandwidth. Using Riverbed, you can accelerate file downloads by as much as 33x and reduce the amount of data sent by up to 97%.

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