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Benefits of Riverbed Security Solutions

Benefits Icon Gain better visibility for tighter security and control

Riverbed provides real-time insights of what’s running across your infrastructure so IT can spot risks before they become bigger problems. Actionable insights help protect against inbound DDoS attacks, data exfiltration, and other threats. Pairing that visibility with powerful network forensics—across all flows and devices—helps IT identify, respond to, and contain attacks quicker. Lastly, our solutions enable business-intent control of network and application usage, helping thwart future breaches and unwanted access.

Benefits Icon Deliver instant, secure connectivity for optimal business execution

Reliable connectivity to the Internet and cloud is a business necessity, but traditional approaches to connecting users forces tradeoffs between security and performance. With Riverbed, you don’t have to compromise. Our cloud networking solutions simplify connectivity while ensuring the business remains steadfastly protected. We help you enable users with instant, secure, and optimized access to the Internet and cloud-based apps so they can safely and efficiently conduct business activities—anywhere, on any device.

Benefits Icon Centralize and protect all data for improved business continuity

Data—the lifeblood of today’s digital businesses—always needs to be at our fingertips. For today’s distributed businesses, this means data is often stored at the edge, closer to where users are located. However, this also means data is at higher risk for theft or loss. Riverbed helps consolidate your edge IT footprint by centralizing all data in the secure data center or cloud—without impacting its availability or application performance. We help you improve business continuity, minimize loss, and protect user experiences for employees and customers.

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