Software-defined WAN solution to Steer Apps Down the Best Path


  • Infrastructure and management complexity
  • Difficult configuration and change management with CLI coding
  • Lack of visibility and control for encrypted and cloud apps
  • Lack of security with direct Internet access

SteelConnect removes management complexity for IT with a simple but unparalleled design, workflow and automation. The solution leverages a single menu-driven, global policy to automate configuration of any network (no CLI coding), steer apps down the most available and best path possible (Internet or MPLS) to reach the user securely and quickly, and deliver user-specific security for applications, networks, zones, and sites.

With SteelConnect, you have:

  • Cohesive and holistic change management across locations with a simple change to policy
  • A single, unified view of the entire enterprise environment in the cloud-based portal enabling end-to end visibility and reporting

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