The Way of Business is Digital

Our future is digital. Most enterprises are investing in digital transformation initiatives today and the pace will only get faster.

Digital Business

People, businesses, and things (machines) digitally communicating, transacting, and negotiating witheach other.

Digital Transformation

The application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of a business.


The Digital Experience is Everything

Digital business changes the way enterprises engage and interact with end users, and alters how the business must operate, set goals, and differentiate. To succeed, businesses must understand and manage the digital experience for all users - partners, suppliers, employees, and customers.

Digital Experience

The human experience when interacting with digital apps and services.

Digital Experience Management

The analysis and optimization of application service delivery to end users/consumers in support of business outcomes, service performance, and application design.

What Impacts Digital Experience?

A digital service is a complex chain of interactions that includes many moving parts. Issues that occur within end user devices, the network, web servers, application servers, infrastructure and the app itself can all cause outages or slowdowns. The prevalence of cloud only increases this complexity as parts or all of the digital initiative may be delivered via SaaS, IaaS or PaaS.

Unable to Uncover the Issues?

Traditionally, IT leverages one or more monitoring tools to oversee each domain—network, infrastructure, application, servers, etc. This adds up to dozens of disjointed tools that do not talk to each other and uncover no performance issues, while end users still complain. Domain leads argue over where issues lie, and no one sees the full digital experience.

Digital Experience Management Drives Transformation

Unified digital experience management provides end-to-end monitoring and proactive performance insights so companies can innovate more quickly with fewer problems. Plus, it’s easy to share analytics across domains and present actionable results to all lines of business.

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